• Don’t reuse any boxes that have been used many times and are starting to wear. Keep in mind that the boxes you pack could easily end up on the bottom of a large stack.
  • Pack all boxes to capacity. Boxes that are under filled are more likely to be crushed and boxes that are overfilled can tear apart or fall apart.
  • Boxes should weigh about 25-30 lbs each. It’s important to be consistent here for the same of your friends (if you’re moving yourself) and the movers. When the boxes weigh much more or less than people expect, accidents happen.
  • Label boxes as soon as you’re done packing them (e.g. “Bathroom”, “Bedroom”, “Kitchen”). When labeling, draw an arrow on the box to indicate which
    side is the top of the box and write the room label on multiple sides. This will save you lots of time unpacking (or trying to find that one item that you need)
    and will help insure safety of your property while it’s being shipped.
  • Don’t be afraid to start early! If you’re moving in the summer, there’s no reason that you can’t pack your winter clothes two months before your move date.
  • Wrap all glassware, china, and breakables individually in towels or packing material. If you’re trying to save money, wrap each item in newspaper! Don’t be
    tempted to cram items together – they’ll “clink” and break.
  • Don’t pack it if you don’t need it! The cheapest way to pack and ship everything is to NOT do it. If you don’t need something in a new location, sell it at a
    garage sale before you move. We see lots of people pack and ship items they later realize they don’t need – what a waste!
  • Secure Movers Co. cannot transport or handle any flammable liquids or combustible materials due to insurance regulations.