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Due to limited parking in many areas of Boston it may be necessary to obtain a parking permit and post signs. We recommend this in such areas as the Downtown, the South End, the North End and Beacon Hill. If you are unsure of whether a permit would be necessary you could check with the neighbors, concierge or your property management company. Obtaining the necessary permits can be a hassle at times. Fortunately, Secure Movers Company provides a reliable Parking Permit Acquisition and Posting Service. The cost for this service varies depending on the time of year and how many permits you will need.

If you would like to obtain the permit yourself, please follow the steps listed below:

Street Occupancy Permits can only be obtained in person at Boston City Hall at least 48 hours in advance and not by mail or online. The application process can take as long as an hour or more during the busy season. Permits are issued jointly by the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) and the Public Works Department (PWD). You must go to both of these offices (located in Government Center at Boston City Hall, 7th floor) to obtain the permit and the corresponding signage. Application hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. A check or money order (no cash) payable to CITY OF BOSTON for $4/sign (two sign minimum) plus $20/meter/day, and a separate check or money order (or cash) payable to CITY OF BOSTON for $50/space/day.
Once you obtain the “no-parking” signs you will need to post them within the confines of the area to be restricted. They are usually taped to trees, utility-poles, or parking meters in front of the move location.
If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to find parking downtown during business hours, wait in line, and run around posting signs, give Secure Movers a call and we will handle all of this for you. Most customers say the convience is well worth the money.